Ashthang Yog & Meditation

To increase self strength and healing power of body. Yoga and exercise foster healthy blood circulation, muscle tone and physical strength, vital ingredients for good health. We provide Ashthang Yoga which is the most athletic and physically demanding form of Yog.


Diet Management

Eating the right kind of food is most important in attaining and maintaining good health. At AyurvedaOrigins, we design specific diet programs for weight-loss, to nourish skin and hair growth along with detoxification of the body.


Herbal Oil Massage​s

Abhyanga: Full body oil massages for relaxation of muscles;

UdvartanaWeight reducing massage;

Marma Massage: Massage of vital body points to improve strength & immunity;

ShiroAbhyanga: Indian Head Massage beneficial for hair fall, grey hair and allopecia; good for healthy scalp, relaxes central nervous system and all five sensory organs;

Office Massage: Head, neck and shoulder massage with aromatic herbal oils to reduce stress, restlessness, anxiety, depression and migraine. 

Pada Abhyanga: Leg and Foot massage;

Deep Tissue Massage: For those who prefer more pressure/movements;

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage: To relax and soothe muscles of neck and back;

Hopi Ear Candle: To remove wax from ears